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Young & Ready to Recover!

Positive Peer Pressure! Have you ever had a challenge with?

  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Substance Use
  • Depression
  • Rejection

“Anxiety is a thing that affects all of us young and old. But for young people, it’s especially hard because it seems like nobody understands where our anxiety comes from or our trials and tribulations. For me dealing with the transition of going from ‘mamas’ house to college kept me tight. But I didn’t have anyone in my group who understood what I was going through and when I did try and talk it out, my issues were discredited. This is a safe space where young people can feel safe about opening up about what we have to deal with as we matriculate through our years going from adolescence into young adulthood.”

Age: 16-25

When: Tuesday-Thursday
Where: Zoom Meeting
Link address:
Meeting ID: #968-0780-5956

Give me a call if you need to: