Recovery community organizations (RCO) are developing across the country at the local level to address the needs of people in or seeking recovery. When recovery organizes, people reach out to others to expand and grow. (facesandvoicesofrecovery.org)

iHOPE Inc., an RCO serving middle Georgia, is working alongside our peers, allies and local behavioral health service providers to promote sustained recovery and wellness within our communities; through empowering others as certified Recovery coaches and a lived experience approach. iHOPE’s core principles are:

Authenticity|Advocacy|Awareness|Peer Support|Training

In February 2015, our Recovery Symposium in Houston County had focused conversation on recovery and fostered collaborations that led to the development of iHOPE. Today the Advisory Team and Board of Directors continue the recovery movement by building peer leadership and recovery partnerships that help keep people well in our communities.

iHOPE has two initiatives

P.E.R.K.S to harness the passions (e.g. cooking, fishing, writing etc...) of people who are in early recovery to support shifting the foucus of the person in early recovery from the "problem" to statisfying personal strenght, gift, talent and passion that are self-indentified to promote sustained-long term recovery. P.E.R.K.S intivative is to become a living resource manual (ecatalog) with specific information that could be updated twice a year.  

**Lost Ones: Loved One's Supportive Technique for opioid/narcotic epidemic is a supportive gathering directed toward  healing conversations with those who lost someone to the Opioid  epidemic and other narcatoic epidemics in middle Georgia. 

Introducing our Members, Officers and Director

From left to right Tarusa Stewart, Director; Rhonda Lacey Wade, Advisory Committee Chair; Cherlyn Kellam, Advisory Committee Secretary; George Braucht, Board Member,  Secretary; Adria Kitchens, Board Member, Treasurer.

Not shown Jeff Lundy, Board Member Vice President; Carolyn Robinson, Board of Directors; Lorrie Austell, Board of Directors.