Our Mission

We envision every person in middle Georgia recognizing progressive recovery, health supports and resources that are culturally-congruent and individually-selected among the many pathways to recovery.

iHOPE's purpose is to help liberate recovery champions and leaders in the rural areas of Middle Georgia by enhancing the quality of recovery services and resources. We utilize a lived experienced approach and recovery coaching skills, to highten the attraction to recovery by reducing the internal and external stigmas, while lifting up ALL RECOVERY.

iHOPE’S core principles are:

Authenticity|Advocacy|Awareness|Peer Support|Training

Our Services

Education, Training and Awareness:

● The Science of Addiction and Recovery

● Cultural Competency

● Overdose Prevention

Peer2Peer Transportation Services

● To and from treatment appointments, including medical

● To and from establishments that build peers recovery capital e.g. job interviews, library, meetings, and recovery events

● Provide Recovery Coaching during transportation, with a Certified Recovery Coach

● Assist with community recovery resources.

Phone Support Service

● Provide assertive phone services for persons new to recovery and for peers transitioning back into the middle Georgia community from treatment, prison, jail, and hospital to minimizing or off-set barriers that can lead to crisis, relapse.

● To educate and assist peers with self-directed recovery resource within the community: faith-based, Celebrate Recovery, 12 Step Service, all recovery family and friends meeting and services to build self-efficacy and independence

Recovery Coaching Services

● Provide 1:1 Peer recovery coaching, skill building, and recovery activities to assist with building their recovery and building their provide weekly self-care connection after leaving treatment

● Provide frequent social support services that increase self-efficacy, and independent as directed by peer, accompany peer to community recovery outings

● Continue with support and resources to assist building all areas of recovery capital that is self-determined by peer: finding employment, returning to school i.e., such as obtaining their GED or furthering their education.

Serving Middle Georgia