Certified Peer Specialist – Addictive Disease Recovery Coaching Services

iHOPE connects people in recovery to certified recovery coaches trained to walk with them through the recovery journey, wherever that path may lead. Our certified recovery coaches may meet in group settings or one-on-one, either at casual social outings or structured meetings at our center. 

During these meetings, our coaches will:

  • Encourage self-awareness and self-care
  • Focus on skill-building activities
  • Promote individual strengths and interests

Couple of young men talking on the stairsSince iHOPE’s founding in 2015, we have hosted more than 6,000 recovery support groups and have led hundreds in Middle Georgia through recovery-oriented training. 

Part of our mission is to connect people in recovery with allies and peers who are equipped to offer support, develop life skills, and provide opportunities for a successful recovery. 

To Learn More About Our Recovery Coach Program, Call 478.225.2895.

How Can I Become a Certified Peer Specialist – Recovery Coach

It’s essential to provide people in recovery with positive, trustworthy, and educated allies and peers. One way to serve people in recovery is by becoming a certified recovery coach. 

iHOPE offers linkage to certifications to create recovery leaders in Middle Georgia communities. You can learn more about our recovery training services, including recovery coach certifications, here.

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