Forensic Peer Mentor Project Services

iHOPE provides several peer support programs to people reentering our community after serving time in jail, prison, or other areas of the Georgia judicial system. 

Forensic Peer Mentor Project (FPM)

Through a collaboration between several government agencies and judicial partners, the Forensic Peer Mentor Program (FPM) provides innovative support to Georgia’s returning citizens. This program strengthens our community’s workforce and serves as a critical transition resource for reentry.

Our forensic peer mentors are certified and trained to use their own lived experiences to help people facing similar challenges. These mentors help people:

  • Obtain stable housing
  • Find employment
  • Claim benefits
  • Find reliable transportation
  • Connect to recovery resources

Forensic peer mentors serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration to those facing the challenge of recovery while also navigating Georgia’s judicial system.

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Family Reunification, Education, and Empowerment Program (FREE)

The FREE initiative focuses on family reunification for Georgia’s returning citizens and their natural support network. We believe that successful reentry depends on the entire circle of people engaged in the life of the returning citizen and who are invested in promotive positive behaviors.

In our FREE program, our goals are to:

  • Strengthen communication within support networks
  • Manage stressors that may hinder a successful transition
  • Collaborate with recovery resources for support