Peerfessional™ Training Services

iHOPE, Inc. offers peer recovery training services, including linkage to specialist certifications, to create recovery leaders in Middle Georgia communities. As a Recovery Community Organization (RCO), iHOPE prioritizes peer recovery training and education to equip our community to support those seeking sustained recovery.

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Our Courses

Cultural Competency

This training builds the fundamental skills needed to form connections with people who are seeking or currently in recovery, allies, and community collaborations. The workshop helps participants increase awareness of their cultural competence, assess strengths, and discover opportunities to build better relationships. 

Overdose Prevention/Narcan Training

During this training, you’ll learn to appropriately respond to an opioid overdose and see the warning signs. You can also receive training to administer lifesaving drugs in the event of an overdose. 

Science of Addiction Recovery (SOAR) 

During this training, participants will learn how the brain was affected by addiction and helps explain behavior that often seems unexplainable to their families and community. Participants also learn how substance abuse impacts behaviors and why recovery support systems are needed to sustain long-term recovery. 

Recovery Messaging

We help participants use language that reduces discrimination and promotes recovery from substance use disorders in a positive way. We teach people in recovery, families, and allies how to share their stories with purpose. 

Why is Peer Recovery Training Important?

Back view of a woman raising her arm on a seminariHOPE offers non-clinical services to support all paths to addiction recovery. By providing peer recovery training and education, we empower people, families, and allies affected by substance use disorders to help others on the road to recovery. Peer recovery training creates a positive culture of support and awareness while combatting the stigma and discrimination of those in recovery.

How to Schedule a Training Session

We frequently offer training programs at our addiction recovery center. You can check our calendar for upcoming training events. iHOPE also offers off-site training to make it convenient for you. If you’re interested in scheduling a training session for you or your organization, please contact us at 478-225-2895 or