Peerfessional™ Peer2Peer Transportation

Access to transportation is crucial for thriving in our economy, especially for people living in rural areas of Middle Georgia. iHOPE’s Peer2Peer Transportation service connects people in recovery to a certified recovery coach who can take them to and from a variety of places, including:

  • Faith-based support groups
  • Group meetings
  • Job interviews
  • Medication assistant treatment
  • Recovery events
  • School
  • Work

Through these transportation services, people also access reliable and personalized recovery coaching services from dedicated peers.

Since our founding in 2015, our certified recovery coaches have provided more than 8,700 rides to people in Middle Georgia. This essential service makes a lasting difference in the success of long-term recovery. 

To Learn More About Our Peer2Peer Transportation Program, Call 478.225.2895.

Offering More Than a Ride

Our transportation service offers more than just a reliable ride. Our service also provides opportunities for someone in recovery to build a solid relationship with a certified recovery coach.

This relationship can lead to long-term success through life-skill building and opportunities that minimize barriers to effective recovery.

Who Can Use Our Peer2Peer Transportation?

iHOPE’s Peer2Peer Transportation service is designed for people in recovery who do not have access to reliable transportation.

Sometimes, people in recovery do not have a current driver’s license or the financial means to afford a reliable vehicle. Our transportation service opens doors of possibility so people in recovery can access new employment, medical treatment, education, and more.